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We've put together a list of some of the most actionable things you can to to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus—and other infectious diseases. Please share these ideas with your friends and family. We invite additional suggestions and feedback for improving the site.

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Step-By-Step Hand Washing Instructions

SOAP SELECTION: Studies have shown that antibacterial soaps are not really more effective than regular soap at removing and killing germs. In fact, antibacterial soaps can contribute to antibiotic resistance and superbugs. The main thing is to find a soap that you don't mind using on a frequent basis. If you find the scent or texture unpleasant, look for a soap that won't discourage you from using it. Note that bar soap can harbor bacteria that live on the actual bar itself.

Plan ahead when using public restrooms. Use a paper towel to both turn off the tap and open the door. There should be a trash can by the door to throw your paper towel in on the way out. If there isn't, and if you can't easily move one over to that position, don't feel too bad about throwing the paper towel on the floor by the door. Ask staff to re-stock if supplies are running low.