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Detailed Instructions for Optimizing Hand Sanitizer

Be sure to select a hand sanitizer that you will actually use. If you can't stand the smell, consider making your own.

Make hand sanitizer available to yourself and your family at convenient locations in your house, such as the kitchen table, just inside the front door, and a coffee table in the middle of the living room. Don't forget about your car and your desk at work.

Your fingernails may need special sanitizing, especially if they are on the long side. Pour another dime-sized amount of sanitizer into the palm of one hand, and dip the fingertips of your other hand directly into the sanitizer. Move them around until they are coated and the sanitizer gets up underneath them. Allow them to thoroughly dry (should take 20-30 seconds) before touching anything, because the disinfectant is working during the whole drying process. Repeat with the other hand.

Oversee your kids' use of hand sanitizer and make sure they're doing it right.

Consider making hand sanitizer stations available to employees, coworkers, and customers at your place of business.