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We've put together a list of some of the most actionable things you can to to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus—and other infectious diseases. Please share these ideas with your friends and family. We invite additional suggestions and feedback for improving the site.

Note: This is a brand new project, and we already have a big backlog of tips to upload. Please check back often for new ideas!

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How to Help Expand Hand Sanitizer Availability

FOR SCHOOLS: Please make hand sanitizer available for your students and encourage them to use it regularly. It may be cheaper if you make it yourself.

FOR RESTAURANTS & STORES: Please put a hand sanitizer dispenser by the front door so that customers can use it on the way in. If you have a order counter or cash register, that is another good place for a dispenser.

FOR HEALTH DEPARTMENTS: You already mandate that restaurants have bathrooms with sinks and soap. Consider requiring a sanitizer dispenser within a certain distance of the front door.


Reach out to federal and state policymakers. But don't neglect the power of acting at the local level. Talk to business owners and other local influencers and decisionmakers. Every business, school, or local government office that implements best practices helps set the tone for others to follow.