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How to Choose and Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets

Always close the lid before you flush, and make sure the other members of your household are in the habit of doing so.

Buy some toilet bowl cleaner tablets that will disinfect your toilet water every time you flush. These are also called automatic toilet cleaners. There are two main types: ones that go in the tank and ones that clip on or stick to the bowl.

Tank tablets will disinfect the water before it fills the bowl, and the tank keeps the tablets out of reach of small children. However, if the toilet is not in frequent use, the concentration of the cleaner will increase and over time can damage plastic or rubber toilet parts.

Bowl tablets add cleaner to the bowl when it refills. They are suitable for the tankless toilets commonly found in office or commercial settings.

There are other choices of toilet cleaners out there too, but make sure the kind you get is specifically formulated to kill viruses and bacteria, not just smell good or remove stains.