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Detailed Instructions for Applying Copper Foil Tape

Buy some self-adhesive copper foil tape on Amazon. You can cut it to size with scissors, though note that cutting metal will dull the blades a bit. You will also need a straight, dull edge such as a letter opener or dinner knife to smooth it down. Large wrinkles may catch dirt and give bacteria and viruses places to live that are shielded from the copper ions. Applying the tape is a bit tricky. You want to get it right the first time for the smoothest finish and best adhesion. Try to avoid repositioning it, since the adhesive will not work as well once it has been peeled off, especially around the edges.

Edges may be sharp! If the edge of the tape starts to peel up, it can cut you.

1. Clean and dry the surface you will apply the copper tape to.

2. Cut the copper tape to size with scissors you don’t mind dulling.

3. Peel the backing away carefully, applying slight pressure to the front of the tape, so the copper doesn’t crinkle or curl too much.

4. Align the copper tape with the surface to be covered.

5. Start at one end smoothing it down the middle, working your way to the other end.

6. Use a straight, dull edge to smooth down the edges. Edges may be sharp!

7. Crease or flatten down any crinkles or curves as smooth as you can.

Though the copper surface will sanitize itself of viruses and bacteria, you will still need to wipe off any dirt that accumulates because it reduces the copper's effectiveness.

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